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What is Bunka Buddy?

Doing everyday things in Japan can be difficult without some level of knowledge about the language and culture.  The word for “culture” in Japanese is “bunka”. Bunka Buddy is a service that aims to help people navigate Japan, whether in daily life, business, or on vacation. The idea came about after hearing too many stories of ALTs, business people, and other foreigners in Japan not getting the language support they need, especially in rural areas. 

About the Founder & CEO

Bunka Buddy was established and is run by Meghan Mendoza. Meghan studied abroad at International Christian University in Mitaka, Tokyo in 2010-2011 and received a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language & Culture Studies from Middlebury College in 2012. After graduating, she moved to Ibaraki to teach English and eventually shifted to translation. She also worked as a Deputy Venue Manager and liaison between English & Japanese committees for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. 

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